Hope High School

Hope High School, Providence RI

RISD Inside/Out Schoolyard Initiative Program
Hope Arts High School, Providence, RI


RISD Inside/Out Schoolyard Initiative Program was invited to imagine a new courtyard as a collaborative installation along with the students of Hope High School. We brainstormed, conceptualized with drawings and models, came to group consensus and then constructed and installed the project within a five week process. The theme of the work was titled, “My Words…Our Wave”. The high school students conducted a survey asking fellow students to finish to following phrases: “I feel…, I think…, I am…, I need …, I try…, and I hope…”. The question banners were hung on the courtyard walls while the answers were flown as a series of flags to walk and interact through. It was a great real life experience for all students, learning how to work towards a common vision, on a strict time line and an even stricter budget.